This place really rocks. The steaks are are a little more expensive than the grocery store but so much better. They sell all kinds of meat and seasonings, salsa and more. Really cool spot in Abilene.
Dayton Vause
The quality here is amazing, and the prices are extremely fair. We bought a half cow and they made the process easy and streamlined for us. We cannot recommend them enough, if you haven't tried them yet, you're missing out!
Mikala Wallis
Great quality! It was very delicious and good value for your money.
Megan Ford
It's hard to find a good Flat Iron Steak anywhere. I called and picked up 2 beautiful cuts of meet that were so tender and delicious I couldn't believe it!!
Christopher Lindbloom
Best fresh cut beef and other locally owned goodies! My GO 2!
We had seen this store advertised on tv but we never really knew exactly where it was until my husband spotted. It. We loved it. It brought back memories of my dad feeding us red rind cheese. We loved it. We also found liver. That was another favorite of my dad's.
Lydia Vasquez

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